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Great Question dashboard overview

The dashboard contains a snapshot of your overall usage, a list of your upcoming interviews, recent artifacts, and your team’s recent activity.

Your whole team can view the dashboard, including Observers.

Tips for trying out Great Question

You may see this section if you are new to Great Question, and it just includes a few steps to help you get started. You can follow along to get things rolling, and each step will be checked off as you completed them. Once you are done, leave it there for reference, or close it out.


Overall Usage

The snapshot shows the total number of studies, interviews, survey responses, customer hours, total candidates, and candidates that have opted out. You can also track the difference in use from the previous month within each section.

Overall usage

Upcoming Interviews

This section shows you the next four (4) upcoming meetings. It includes the date and time, participant, study, team member(s), call link, and a link to the interview room. To see more interviews, click the Show all link in the bottom left corner of the Upcoming Interviews section. It will redirect you to a full listing of all interviews currently scheduled.

Recent Artifacts

Recent artifacts are the most recent replies to studies, created highlights, interview room edits, clips, and more. This section can be useful for keeping track of new activity within the team, or just picking up where you recently left off, straight from the dashboard.

Recent Activity

Similar to Recent Artifacts, this section shows you the activity across your whole team. However, this shows candidate activity as well. Such as candidates completing a screener, scheduling an interview, or a team member creating/editing a study. Recent Activity also includes an estimated time of when the activity occurred. To see more activity, click the View all link in the bottom left corner of the Recent Activity section.

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