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Research Repository Basics

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Intro to Great Question Repository

Building out a research repository is critical for a number of reasons.

  1. You are democratizing access to research insights across your team (and maybe your organization).
  2. Centralizing that research, so it's easily findable and shareable.
  3. Streamlining the number of tools folks need to use to digest research insights.

To make creating this central research hub easier to create and manage, Great Question has offered a simple research repository from the beginning.

Your GQ repository—which you can access by clicking the Data tab on the left-hand toolbar—has a number of different functionalities that will make it easy for you to store and share interviews, transcripts, highlights, and more.

Main functions you should keep in your back pocket:

  1. Search the repository using tags, candidate names, or keywords.
  2. Upload recordings of past interviews and get them immediately transcribed.
  3. Click into transcripts to share video clips with your team.
  4. View all the tags used in your research at the bottom of the page.

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